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What is the Cost of Removing Wisdom Teeth in Singapore?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage for many of us. These third molars can sometimes become a real pain. When they don’t have enough room to grow properly, they can cause discomfort, infection, or crowding in your mouth. 

In Singapore, the cost of wisdom tooth removal can vary quite a bit depending on a few key factors. This article will break down what you need to know about these costs so you can plan ahead and avoid any financial surprises. Whether you’re dealing with a troublesome tooth now or just curious about what to expect, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. While some people experience no issues, many face complications such as impaction, infection and crowding of other teeth. 

When these problems occur, dental professionals often recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. The procedure can range from a simple extraction to more complex surgical removal, depending on the tooth’s position and the surrounding anatomy.

Factors Influencing Cost

The cost of wisdom tooth removal in Singapore is influenced by several key factors. Understanding these can help you anticipate potential expenses and plan accordingly.

Complexity of the Procedure

The complexity of the wisdom tooth extraction is a major factor affecting cost. A simple extraction, where the tooth is fully erupted and easily accessible, is usually less expensive. However, if the tooth is impacted, meaning it is trapped beneath the gum or growing at an angle, the procedure becomes more complex. Surgical extraction in these cases may require cutting through bone or gum tissue, which can increase the cost.

Choice of Anesthesia

The type of anaesthesia used during the procedure also plays a role in determining the overall cost. Local anaesthesia, which numbs the area around the tooth, is the most basic and least expensive option. Sedation anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, which puts the patient in a sleep-like state, is more costly but may be necessary for patients who are anxious or undergoing a complex extraction.

Additional Services and Aftercare

Additional services such as dental imaging (X-rays or panoramic radiographs) and post-operative care can add to the total cost. In some cases, a Cone Beam CT scan may be needed. These services are necessary to assess the condition of the wisdom teeth and plan the procedure effectively. Aftercare costs might include follow-up visits and medication to ensure proper healing and avoid complications like infections or dry sockets.

Average Cost Breakdown

The cost of removing wisdom teeth in Singapore varies, but here is a typical breakdown of the expenses you might incur:

Consultation Fees

Before the procedure, a consultation with a dental professional is necessary to evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth and discuss the appropriate treatment plan. Consultation fees in Singapore can range from SGD 50 to SGD 150. This fee covers the initial examination, dental imaging, and treatment planning.

Surgical Fees

Surgical fees for wisdom tooth removal depend on the complexity of the extraction. For a straightforward extraction, costs typically range from SGD 200 to SGD 400 per tooth. For more complex surgical extractions, involving impacted teeth or teeth requiring bone removal, fees can range from SGD 950 to SGD 2,000 per tooth.

Anesthesia Fees

The type of anaesthesia chosen for the procedure influences the overall cost significantly. Local anaesthesia is usually included in the surgical fees. However, if sedation or general anaesthesia is required, additional costs will apply. 

For local anaesthesia, treatment by the anaesthetist will cost SGD 900-1000 per hour and the sedation facilities will cost SGD 300.

For general anaesthesia, the treatment by the anaesthetist remains SGD 900-1000 but, because the procedure will have to be carried out in an operating theatre at a day surgery centre, there will be an added fee of SGD 2,000.

Medication and Post-Operative Care Costs

Post-operative care includes medication for pain relief and antibiotics to prevent infection, which typically adds SGD 50 to SGD 150 to the total cost. Follow-up visits to monitor healing and manage any complications are also important and may incur additional fees of around SGD 50 to SGD 100 per visit.

Insurance Coverage and Subsidies

In Singapore, the cost of wisdom tooth removal may be partially covered by MediSave, subject to approval by the CPF board. However, you are undergoing a routine extraction, you cannot cover the costs through MediSave.

Private dental insurance plans also vary in their coverage, with some covering a significant portion of the costs associated with wisdom tooth removal. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider regarding the specifics of your plan, including any limitations and the process for making claims.

Risks of Delaying Treatment

Delaying the removal of problematic wisdom teeth can lead to several risks and complications. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause persistent pain, swelling, and infections that may spread to surrounding teeth and gums. Over time, this can lead to more severe dental issues such as cysts, tumours, and damage to adjacent teeth.

Additionally, delaying treatment often results in more complex and costly procedures later on. Early intervention typically means simpler, less invasive extractions, leading to quicker recovery and lower overall costs. It’s crucial to address wisdom tooth issues promptly to avoid these potential complications and ensure long-term dental health.

Wisdom tooth removal in Singapore

Wisdom tooth removal is a significant procedure that can vary in cost depending on several factors, including the complexity of the extraction, type of anaesthesia and other services required. We understand, however, that it’s not always easy to account for all these factors by yourself. 

Wisdom teeth surgeries are best carried out by specialist oral surgeons. Oral surgeons are specifically trained for such surgeries and would have a wealth of experience. Seeing an oral surgeon will reduce the chances of complications and such surgeries are usually smoother and more comfortable for patients.

At Specialist Oral Surgeons, we give patients a detailed breakdown of costs during every consultation. We believe in empowering patients to make the best decisions for their dental health. If you’re suffering from wisdom tooth issues, we’ll be glad to advise you on your financial options and any other queries you have.

Make an appointment with us today.

What is the Cost of Removing Wisdom Teeth in Singapore?

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